In 2016 UniverseArt proudly introduced our flagship brand, Field Artist®. Field Artist products are designed specifically for the journal and field sketch habits of mobile watercolor sketch artists. Field Artist products share these important characteristics: 
  • Compact, but not so compact they feel unnatural to use 
  • Endearing and classic, not a short term fad but an extension of you and a lifelong possession you'll cherish
  • High quality, built to last, thoughtfully customized/accessorized and packaged
  • More value. More options. More creative ideas.
Urban Series
The Urban Series of products are preferred by highly active sketch artists.
Competitively priced yet particularly brilliant and durable to withstand daily sketch painting rigors.
Masters Series
The Masters Series of products are designed to meet our highest quality standards. Premium materials make them easy to recognize. The feel of them in your hands; the performance as you engage them for sketch and paint; the attention they'll get when you're gathered with fellow artists; the Masters Series commands uncommon, industry-wide respect.