We couldn't find what sets us free. 

So we created it.

Our lives are free-spirited, free-thinking and mobile. We're artists. Urban sketchers, plein-air artists. Songwriters, musicians, writers and poets. But life as a creative mind could always use some extra freedom.

The kind of freedom we feel when we stop on a dime to respond to sudden creative inspiration. Because we threw our tools in our pocket or in our pack before we ran out the door. Or the freedom we feel when there's more in our pocket than just our creative rig. Like more money. Because we didn't break the bank when we invested in expanding the boundaries of our muse. And that's in spite of how well it satisfies our artistry on the fly. 


That's right. We couldn't find what sets us free. So we created it. But we're not re-inventing the wheel. Instead, we're taking familiar products -- and with a bend toward packability we're improving size; mobility; quality; design and performance; accessories; and value. We take our cues from the devoted and daily practicing artists, freeing us from our bedrooms, couches, kitchen tables and basement studios without FOMO - fear of missing out - on even the smallest fleeting idea. 


Creative minds are quick on the feet. Quick witted. But sometimes quick to lose a thought. We just want to be ready to capture our stream of ideas no matter where in the world we venture.